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About Us

As an electrician that is wired differently than some, thinking that I could make it on my own, with dreams and some limited knowledge I founded my company – Wired Up Systems, in 1999. The same day my youngest one was born. He joined my other 3 children to make up our family. My wife was not “very excited”, asking so are you going to make some money? As a dreamer, I assured her that it was a powerful business and “watts” of money to be made. She just was shocked and revolted. But being the man that I was I went to work in the business and not on the business. I was wearing a lot of glasses and hats and never at home but still with an empty bank account.

One thing that I realized was that I did not understand business, how to grow, build, or make a profit. The hand and mind skills were developed through my union and non-union apprenticeship, and some awesome journeymen, like Bill, Jack, Barry and even I think there was a Harry. But when I decided to start my business, I became 4 left hands and no right way I conduit.

That is where about 10 years ago, there became this burning question, what if there was a place I could go and learn these necessary skills in order to build a booming electrical contracting business? It has taken this long to find the tools and resources to build a platform for electrical contractors. The time is right.

Things shifted in 2008, I had a large job that went flat, and several that chose not to pay me. I ended up going and working for other contractors, broke, and knowing that I would not declare bankruptcy, I saw that as a bad road to go down. So, I decided that I would keep working till it was paid off. I worked as with several companies and learned many things about how others operate and run their businesses. Some Good, some questionable. But it still did not give me the business skills to really grow my business. But I had this longing to still be my own boss, call my own schedule, and make the money that I always knew was in the contracting business.

The time to build a platform for electrical contractors came as I spent a year searching, subscribing, and failing to come up with a clear plan as to how I could build something that others would gain great value. Then as the pandemic hit and many were trapped indoors, still able to work – being “essential”, the longing to go to my next growth phase in life started to stir in my heart and soul. I knew it was time to get to work.

As a result of the pandemic, and a year off, fixing my old, old house and doing miscellaneous jobs, I started searching and I found tools, so contractors could learn grow, and build their businesses and become profitable. I then knew the time was right, to have the dream of helping electricians become profitable entrepreneurs, helping employees, businesses, homes, and their communities, becoming a valuable part of something bigger.

That is when I started moving toward the mission of giving everything I had learned about business away, after all I did not want to do this till my last light was installed and then retire to the eternal light, falling off a ladder or something even worse.